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FAQ | Profile and Rail Installation

The rails I received look gray and matte, is there something wrong with them?

No - the rails are protected on the decorative side by a gray scratch-resistant film. To check the product's color, gently ignite the film. Install the product with the protective film on - remove it after installation or at its final stage. The steel we use to make our rails is polished on the decorative side - on the mounting side, the rails have scratches and laser-cut discoloration - this is not a product defect.

Do the rails need to be grouted?

Our profiles are designed for installation without grouting. However, if you want to grout the decoration, remember that you should only use epoxy grouts without abrasive particles, e.g. cement or glitter, which could scratch the decorative layer of the rail. Before grouting, conduct a test on an inconspicuous fragment of the decoration to ensure the grout doesn't damage the product.

What adhesive do you recommend?

For our profiles, we recommend the SIKAFLEX 118 adhesive (available in our offer) or other dense mounting adhesives, e.g., the popular "Mamut". Some of the rails we offer have perforations that allow for "sinking" the decoration into tile adhesive.

How do I cut the profiles?

Our profiles can be easily cut; all you need are sharp tools and an experienced specialist's hand. Rails can be successfully cut using an angle grinder with a metal cutting disc, a hacksaw, or a saw blade.

Can you cut the profiles at an angle?

Yes. However, keep in mind that you need sharp tools and an expert with prior experience cutting these types of products.

Can I use the profiles outside, e.g., on a building facade?

Yes, but remember that the rails are prone to scratching - avoid using them in places where they could be exposed to mechanical damage, e.g., rubbing against shrub branches.

Do the rails need impregnation?

No. The stainless steel from which the rails are made does not require any special impregnation.

How can I clean the profiles?

Our profiles can be easily cleaned with common household solutions that don't harm polished surfaces. We recommend using soft microfiber cloths and plain water. You can also buy cleaning agents specifically for cleaning stainless steel. Always follow the usage instructions. Remember, the profiles have very high chemical resistance but are very prone to scratching - never use abrasive cleaners like "CIF" or steel wool, as they would matte the decorative surface.

Can I buy products directly in your store?

Of course. You can purchase our products directly at our headquarters in Złotoryja, Stroma 14a, via our website, or visit one of our partner stores.

How do you ship such long rails?

For transporting long rails, we use specially designed cardboard tubes that protect the product from damage. These tubes ensure that the rails arrive at your location in perfect condition.

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