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FAQ | Mosaic Installation

Which grout do you recommend?

For our mosaics, we recommend JAKA FUGA grout (available in our offer). Before using a grout from another manufacturer, a joint test should be performed on an inconspicuous part of the decoration to ensure that the grout does not damage the product. For mosaic installations in areas exposed to intensive use (shower cabin, kitchen apron, pool), we recommend using epoxy grouts characterized by high resistance to stains and moisture.

Which adhesive do you recommend?

For our mosaics, we recommend a ready-made adhesive dedicated to our brand or highly flexible white adhesive WIM FLEX WHITE. Before using an adhesive from another manufacturer, an adhesion test should be performed on an inconspicuous part of the decoration to ensure that the adhesive does not damage the product (using an incorrect adhesive, usually containing gray cement, can cause discoloration on light colors of glass mosaics).

Which grout color should I choose for the mosaic?

Grout color is a very individual matter of our clients' taste. Most often, grout color is matched to wall color, furniture color, or dominant accessories in the room. A safe solution is to use shades of gray grouts.

How should I cut the mosaic?

Our mosaic cuts very well; you just need good, sharp tools and an experienced professional's hand. The mosaic can be successfully cut with an angle grinder with a diamond blade for cutting stoneware or glass, depending on the material the mosaic is made of.

Can I purchase products on-site, in your store?

Of course. You can purchase our products at our headquarters at Złotoryja, Stroma Street 14a, via our website, or visit one of our partnering stores.

Will the courier deliver the mosaic to an apartment in a multi-story building?

If your order is packed in single packages, it is the courier's duty to deliver the shipment right to your apartment door.

Can I return the remaining mosaic slices?

If you have unused mosaic slices, which were not made to a special order, you can return them to us within a month from the date of purchase. To return unused slices, inform us by email or phone. If you wish to return the entire order, you also have 30 days for that.

Can the mosaic be cut at an angle?

Yes. Remember that you need sharp tools and an experienced professional who has dealt with cutting this type of mosaic before. The best way to finish the corner edge is to use stainless steel decorative strips (available in our offer).

Can I lay the mosaic on the floor under the shower?

Many of our clients lay the mosaic on the floor under the shower, as the mosaic densely interlaced with grout protects the foot from slipping. However, you must remember that not every mosaic is suitable for this purpose - mosaics containing metallized cubes and some ceramic mosaics are not suitable for floors. For the shower area, we recommend using stoneware or glass mosaics.

Can I lay the mosaic outside, e.g., on the terrace?

In Poland, the weather conditions throughout the year allow the use of only stoneware mosaics and glass mosaics that do not contain metallized cubes outdoors. Mosaics containing metallized cubes and ceramic mosaics are not suitable for outdoor applications. You can, of course, lay them at your own risk, but we cannot guarantee what will happen to the mosaic in a few years.

Can I use impregnators for the mosaic?

It is not necessary. Our mosaics have durable coatings (glazes) that do not require additional protection or special care. If you still want to apply additional impregnation, we recommend using products only tested by us, e.g., GEAL (available in our offer).

How can I clean the mosaic?

You can successfully clean our mosaic using household methods/solutions that do not damage the glaze surface. You can also purchase detergents adapted for cleaning mosaics. Always follow their usage instructions.

When will I receive an invoice for the order?

We send invoices electronically within a few days from the date of receiving the shipment from the courier.

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